Layer Poultry Cage

Type: H Frame Layer Cage
Tier: From 3 to 8 tiers
Capacity/house: From 10,000 to 100,000 birds
Materials: Golfan
Automatic: Full automatic(alternative)

Product Details

Layer Poultry Cage

.• The cage are made of Golfan wire or hot galvanized wire with high quality which is anti-rust with long life span. The cage frame, feeding & manure removal machine, egg collecting machine are made of 275g galvanized steel panel.

• The cage system is designed to be strong against earth movements. Main construction of the cage system consists of the legs and the wide based connection units with adjustable bolts.

• Water system are including sqaure water pipe, nipple drinker(imported from Holland), water filter, water regulator, madicator(from Dosatron)

• The manure removal belt is made of white PP which imported from Italy, the belt is 1.1mm.


• Eggs can reach easily to the egg belt owing to well bevel base wires. In this way, cracked and dirtiness can be reduced at minimum level.the egg collection contains lift system which reach each tiers by moving up and down,the eggs are collected from each tier and transported to the requested place and distance

• The climate control system is from Tiffugo France which is the best one in this world, and the eletronic component are from CHNT. The control system are also including the feeding, silo, manure removal system, cross manure removal belt, egg collecting system, egg conveyor belt etc.