H-type Pullet Cage System

H-type Pullet Cage System
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H-type pullet cage system


H frame bird raising system has been put into the international market for many years and helped our customers achieve good raising performance. The equipment has following features. The hot-dipped galvanizing process makes the complete system more anticorrosive and durable. It can be used for 15-20 years. The land coverage of the high density raising system is 70 percent less than that of the a frame system. The centralization of management can ensure farmers save the energy and material. The advanced ventilation system, lighting system and automatic controlling system can save energy, increase efficiency and lower egg feed rate. The system can save your investment. The raising density can reach 62 birds/sq.m. Compared with the manure belt removal system, the product makes manure drier and easier to remove and recycle. It is the most ideal raising equipment for products of the eggs and meat, such as healthy egg and unpolluted broiler, etc.


Used for broilers, baby chicks and layer chickens.


The device contains rack, driving power-output system, driving system, laying off power system feeding capacity adjusting system and power distribution system.


a. Smoothly mechanical transmission running, low noise, long usage life.

b. Fully applying of the automatic controlled system of the feeding and dosing process to prevent the fodders waste.

c. The feeder large-span parts used arch beam structure, which has the characteristics of high carrying capacity, compression deformation.

d. Small investment, labor saving and fodder saving with reasonable and uniform feeding, greatly improve the effciency of large-scale farming.

e. Applying for the imported electronic controlled-silicon system, from which the feeding capacity on each rows can be freely controlled reasonably and uniformly.Driving smoothly and no derailed.