H-type Broiler Cage System

H-type Broiler Cage System
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Product Details

Product name

H-type broiler cage system

Product description

It has enough of light and height, large span. Save material and space. other our poultry house equip water line ,food line.wet curtain and  ventilator and so on equipment.

These equipments equip auto food line and water line and clear dung system and collected egg system. 

Materia: Low carbon steel wire

Surface treatment: Electro galvanize or hot galvanize
Specialty: Easy to assemble. Feeding and easy management, save the space, effectively prevent infectious diseases, and increase the survival rate
Scalability: can be adjusted according to the size, can add automatic drinking water system, also available for one layer or layers adjustment.

Product features

1. The H type layer chicken cage is our zisa designer professional design , is the most suitable chickens specifications ;
2. Automatic water dink system and feeding system is good, convenient management,
3. Save labor , protect the safety of the chicken ;
4. The chicken cage can be useful more than 10 years

5. We can supply full automatic poultry equipments , feeding machine , manure remove , egg collection machine and so on ;