Layer Battery Cage

Product name H frame layer battery cage Product information Material: Q235 wire mesh and hot galvanized sheet Surface treatment: Hot galvanized Type: A type battery cage Application: Suitable for opening or closed chicken house Automatic machine: Automatic drinking, automatic feeding, automatic...

Product Details

Product name

H frame layer battery cage

Product information

Material: Q235 wire mesh and hot galvanized sheet

Surface treatment: Hot galvanized

Type: A type battery cage

Application: Suitable for opening or closed chicken house 

Automatic machine: Automatic drinking, automatic feeding, automatic manure belt removing or manure scraper removing, atuomatic egg collecting and automatic climate control

Trolley feeding machine: Capacity per hopper:50kg/running speed:8meters per minute/Motor:0.75kw per row

Drinking line: Round water tube/Ball valve nipple drinker/Doser:Dostron Brand 

Manure belt remvoing: Italy δ1.0mm HDPP manure belt/Running speed:5meters per minute/

Water content of manure:70%-80%

Egg collecting: Italy egg belt/Egg broken rate≤0.5%/Egg

Transporting speed:5 meters per minute/Transporting quantity:40000eggs per hour for width 480mm

Lifespan: Not less than 20 years

Feature: Good ventilation,For closed house or opening house,For large scale or small scale farming

Egg rolling angle: 8.5°

Product details

1) The wire mesh uses hot dip zinc surface treatment, corrosion resistance is 3-4 times than wires with common zinc coating.
2) Egg buffer device will protect eggs in fast rolling, make eggs drop safely on the egg belt, which effectively reduce breaking rate of eggs.
3) Cage door can be easily opened, so that layers can be easily turn around.
4) Egg automatic collection system can be used to ensure that the egg clean and work efficient.
5) Can be equipped with automatic feeding equipment, water supply system, automatic cleaning system, and environmental control system. It not only provide the best growth environment for layers, and also realize automation control. save labor costs.