H Frame Breeder Poultry Cage for Layer and Broiler Breeder

Type: H Frame Breeder Cage
Tier: From 3 to 8 tiers
Capacity/house: From 10,000 to 80,000 birds
Materials: Hot dipped galvanizing
Automatic: Full automatic(alternative)

Product Details

H Frame Breeding Chicken Cage System
It is the professional H Frame Cage System for layer or broiler breeding chickens with manure removal belt.it is designed to be used for Nature Mating of Male and Female chickens in the cages.there is no grids in every set of cages,therefore the chickens can move without limitation.thus,it means more comfortable life and more vitality.the chickens can improve their mating rate and egg laying rate.meanwhile,the breeding eggs with higher vitality means higher incubation rate and more healthy baby chickens.

► The cage designed in 2/3 tiers and we can observe the mating and laying situation in cages timely with convenience.the cage width is 1200mm, each set standard length is 1800mm, each unit raise 22/32 birds(2/3 cocks and 20/29 hens, it means the male and female chicken will be put as Male 1:10 Female chickens), every bird can take average space 675/981 sq.cm.

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The technical details of chicken cage
● The front part of cages is fixed by grid, composed of vertical grille, guaranteed that the male chickens has the optimal feeding conditions,and prevent the comb hurt,another part is sliding grid, it can fully open and convenient to operate such as getting chickens inside and outside, the grid is separated in level, it provides appropriate conditions to the feed of the male and female chickens,they can choose the distribution of grille freely.
● The cages designed without cage meshes on top in case of hurting on male chickens while mating,because male chickens is bigger than the female chickens.
● Each cage are separated by the closed partition board which made of hot galvanized steel sheets with thickness 1.0mm, it ensures the chicken between different groups is completely isolated, and keep peaceful and quiet space for chickens.meanwhile,the partition board with holes also supply enough ventilation to the chicken house.


Water Supply:
● The square PVC pipes with nipple located at both sides of the cages, we can install different height of nipple pipe for the breeding chickens.
Feeding System:
● The feed trolley in front of chicken can move evenly and smoothly,deep feed trough avoid waste of feed.it is connected with the silo outside.we also can use small feed box to higher level which only eaten by male chickens.


Perched device:
●There have perched unit in the middle of the cages , it is easy to be accepted by the cock and the hen, as well as the matching.
● The bottom mesh is placed on tight wire, the steel wire is tight in the whole length system, it ensure the elasticity of steel wire, thereby it drop the ratio of broken egg and cracked egg to the lowest, there have different mesh size at the bottom of mesh, 1*1 inch make the cock and the hen stand more stable, the mesh size of feeding area: 1*1.5 inches, it is more conducive to store eggs, and the eggs fell to longitudinal conveyor belt, which means high hatching rate and good quality of egg shell.