H Frame Automatic Layer Chicken Cage

H Frame Automatic Layer Chicken Cage
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H frame automatic Layer chicken cage


1. Material: Q235 national standard bridge steel cages, white PVC trough, ball-type automatic water equipment, white PVC pipe, 3MM U-type galvanized steel shelves,closed-end regulator.

2. The nipple drinker: Automatic water valve device: 360-degree rotating design,  water enough.No leaking .Chicken is easy to meet drinking water needs. Imports of stainless steel sphere. Useful life of 14 years. 3 years of damage or leakage, free replacement. (Except artificial damage)

3. Trough: The new white condensed  PVC trough,Service life of 15 years. Ability to withstand pression : any adult can walk on it.
4. The pipe: White PVC pipe: new PVC material, non-deformable , high temperature endurance , difficult to damage. Impurities in the water will not produce a chemical reaction, thus ensuring the chickens can drink clean and healthy water. Useful life of 15 years.

5. The pressure reducer: Closed regulator: fully enclosed design, voltage regulator , you can adjust the length of the sheds any water pressure.Every chicken cage line need three pressure reducers. If you have two lines, you need six

6. Leg support: 3MM U-type galvanized steel shelf,national standard 3MM thick steel plate, U shape design. Can withstand pressure of 350 kg. With double-dip galvanizing, the age of 15 years