Layer Poultry Farming Cage

Layer Poultry Farming Cage
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Product Details

Product name

Layer poultry farming cage

Product characteristics

1. The surface of the cage can be selected from cold galvanizing and hot dip galvanizing processes;
2. The chicken cage structure is simple, easy to operate, sturdy and durable;
3. The chicken cage net and bottom net encryption, effectively prevent chickens from licking the anus phenomenon, reducing the egg breaking rate and laying chicken fatigue syndrome;
4. The bolded structure of the front mesh wire is firmer, the structure is reasonable, and the energy consumption is low;
5. Unique cross-opening door design, the cage door space is larger, and the position of chicken feeding can be changed arbitrarily, which effectively solves the crowding of chickens when eating, ensuring that the birds eat more evenly;
6. Saving feed, it will also reduce the stress response of laying hens and the chance of chicken injury, save water, and have low egg breaking rate;
7. Good ventilation and lighting, which is conducive to the growth of chickens, high stocking density, small floor space, high degree of intensification and good economic benefits; suitable for all types of farm houses (open, semi-open and closed)