Automatic Poultry Layer Cages System

Automatic Poultry Layer Cages System
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Product Details

Product name

Automatic poultry layer cages system

Product features

(1) A type design layer chicken use battery cage,easy operation;

(2) Use high strength Q235 bridge steel,quality assured;

(3) Full sets adopt cold/hot galvanized processing,longer lifespan;

(4) Equiped with PP belt or scrapper to remove manure automatically;

(5) Reasonable structure design,low energy consumption,cost saved;

(6) Automated controlled system

(7) Easy maintenance and operation

(8) Anti-corrosive,long durability

Product Details

A cages are widely used for various animal housing, such as layer chicken, broiler , birds, quails , rabbit etc. Chicken battery cages are adopted quite more especially for large poultry control shed. It was estimated that over 60% of the world's eggs were produced in industrial systems, mostly using battery cages.
Chicken battery cages can be divided into different tiers cages according to size of chicken coops , normally is 3 tiers, 4 tiers and 5 tiers with 4 doors or 5 doors.
All the accessories are included, such as feeding system, drinking system, mire, frame, pipes, connectors, water tanks, water pressure regulator.
All sizes can be customized upon request.