Automatic Breeder Layer Cages System

Automatic Breeder Layer Cages System
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Product Details

Product name

Automatic Breeder Layer Cages System

Product features

Automated controlled system

High rearing efficiency

Designed for rearing and growing

Floor saving and cost efficient

Easy maintenance and operation

Product specifications

Type of chicken cage: A and H

Model of chicken cage: 1.88m, 1.95m, 2.1m

Automatic drinker system

Automatic clean system

Wire diameter oc chicken cage: 2.5 to 3mm

Electro-galvanized, hot-dipped galvanized

Load capacity of chicken cage: 90 to 160 chickens

One sets include cage, legs, drinkers, water pipes, water tank, water pipe connector, water tank connector, feeder, feeder connector, clip of assemble, pincer of assemble

System and accessories

Automatic niple drinking system(Water tanks,PVC pipes,water pipes,nipple drinkers).

1.Plastic feeders,Iron Feeders.

2.Angle Iron Frame. Cap Screw for frame, callipers and Clamps for connected cages.

3.Other accessories.

Automatic feeding system,(Includ the automatic drinking system.

1. Manure removal system.

2. Egg colllection system.

3.incubator. & ventilating system.