A-type Pullet Cage System

A-type Pullet Cage System
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A-type pullet cage system


1. After Installation the size L195cm*W200cm*H150cm,3 layers, including total 6 single cages single cage size are (L)188cm*(W)53cm*(H)37cm; one single cage have 4cells.Per cell can breed 5chickens.Total three layer breed 96 chickens. (24 cells*4chicken/cell)

2. Main wire diameter 3.0mm, vice wire diameter 2.6mm.

3. Material: cold galvanized steel wire


1. Automated controlled system

2. Easy maintenance and operation

3. anti-corrosive,long durability


cold galvanized steel wire  Q235

Surface treatment

cold galvanize ( can be hot galvanize, electro spary, etc.)


If there are special specifications, also can be customized to sample.


1. Cage Mesh: Surface treatment is hot-dip galvanization or cold galvanization, so it has better elasticity and higher intensity.

2.Nipple Drinker: Stainless valve with three-ply seal, 360°contacts, low opening valve pressure.

3.Egg belt: The belt is made by Polypropylene yarn that is anti-corrosion and antibacterial, and it don’t absorb water so it can be cleaned up by water directly.

4.Feed trough: Feeding trough produced by imported new material with uniform whiteness and glossiness, solid quality, not easy destroy , big supporting capacity and won’t deform and discolor after long time using.

5.Transverse sliding door: Transverse sliding door can avoid chicken rising or throwing their head and digging feeds, then control the feeds losses effectively.

6.Cage frame: Surface treatment is hot dip galvanization, zinc coating thickness is 2.5mm, so it is anti-corrosion and no rusty for years.

7.Steel structure house: Modern stell structure house with good heat shielding performance and easy install,saving labors and costs.