A Type Poultry Layer Cage

A Type Poultry Layer Cage
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A Type Poultry Layer Cage

Product introduction

Product surface treatment:

1: Electro galvanization
  1.Surface smooth, and bright, and zinc coating:20-30g/m2
  2.Service life:8-10 years. This type is very popular among the clients.

2: Hot zinc galvanization
  1. Surface zinc is thick, can reach about 500g/m2. It has the high corrosion resistance. 
  2. The surface have zinc knot, not that smooth
  3.Service life: 25 years--Even for a longer time under good maintenance.
3: Plastic coated after electric galvanization
  1. Surface smooth, and bright. Color can be chosen, Red, yellow, blue, green, black, white.
  2. Because this is two layers of surface treatment, it is not easy to rust, service life:20 years
Feeding System
Advantages: Feed dispatching uniformly, saving labor, feed and time. Automatic model decreases the risk of extraneous virus.
Accessories included: Feed trough(Made by PVC or galvanized material), feed trough connector and cap, feed travelling or trolley hopper , auger conveyor, mill and mixer.
We have the automatic feeding system and hand feed system for your choice.
Automatic Nipple Drinking System
Advantages: Stainless ball valve nipple drinker, 360 degree water outlet, water saving, water line height adjustable, suit for chicken of different ages.
Accessories included: Nipple drinker, nipple cup, PVC water trough, water pipe, water pipe connecter can cap, water pressure regulator, water dosatron.
Automatic Egg Collecting And Conveying System
Advantages: Egg conveyors works smoothly and steadily, which will lower the egg breaking rate. Automatic model decreases the risk of extraneous virus.
Accessories included: Egg belt, egg collecting machine, egg conveyor machine.
We have automatic egg collecting system, semi-automatic egg collecting system and hand collecting system for your choice.
Automatic Cooling and Heating System
Advantages: Keep the air and temperature most comfortable for chicken, promote the chicken's growth and their laying eggs.
Accessories includes: Ventilation fan, cooling pad, poultry heater, heating pipe
Manure Processing System
Manure Removing:
1 Effectively clean and carry the manures to the manure tank or trucks outside the house
2 It has the simple structure , low failure rate, high efficiency. It is also time and labor saving.
3 It can collect the manure effectively. When starts the machine, the fresh excrement transports through the conveyer belt from the chicken coop to the belt dry channel. Once the excrement falls into the belt dry channel, the excrement will can be transferred directly to trucks.