A-type Layer Cage System

A-type Layer Cage System
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A-type layer cage system


1. Specifications: 130x68x155cm (6 layers)

2. Breeding: 480-600 quails/set
3. Accessories: waterers, feeders, water pipe, water tank, dropping board, pliers, clips, etc
4. upright type is easy for management, savable space and preventable for diseases. 
The bottom meshes with small holes to make quails more safe. The cages can be adjusted according 
to place and added automatic water system.

5.  Automated controlled system

6. High rearing efficiency

7. Designed for rearing and growing

8. Floor saving and cost efficient

9. Easy maintenance and operation

10. anti-corrosive,long durability


The chicken battery cage avoids the fatigue of the chicken. Nets piece smooth, prevent the chicken foot injury infection. Every nets and bottom nets are encryption, can effectively prevent the peck plume pecked the anus and gossypol fatigue syndrome.

Galvanized mesh, improve service life. Unique door, door reinforcement design space increases, it will be conveniente for the chicken exercise and activity. High density raise economical use of land, which is beneficial to reduce the epidemic disease incidence rate.