A Type Broiler Poutlry Cage System for Chicekn Farm

Type: Broiler cage
Capacity/unit: 72, 108 birds
Capacity/house: From 3,000 to 30,000 birds
Materials: Electric or hot dipped galvanizing
Automatic: Manual or full automatic(alternative)

Product Details

A Frame Broiler Cage System
It is designed for open or close house in order to improve the density and get the max land usage of the house.the caged broiler can grow faster and easier to control its weight and it also can be fully automatic which equipped with feeding,drinking,manure collection and climate control system.


Broiler Cage System Advantages:
● Raising density per unit area increase 50%-100% compared with flooring system
●The possibilities of infection diseases caused by manure decrease, thus death rate is minimized;
●Amount of exercise is small,thus more feed is saved by Max size Aluminum Zinc plate feed troughs or PVC troughs with clients' option.
●Convenient for observing growth condition of birds grouping and selection;
● Uniformity and health condition are both excellent as there is enough place for birds feeding and drinking,and better effect for epidemic prevention than floor raising;
● This is A frame cage system so the unique center cool system with better ventilation.
●Both the hot dipped or cold galvanized cages are available by clients from different district.


Unique Cage Structure Design:
● Each unit dimension of the pullet cage is 160*60*42cm,2 cells/unit,with 9 birds per cell,each cell dimension is 80*60*42cm,so each birds can get 533 sq.cm. at least before the 7th weeks.
● Bottom net is densely welded together,the plastic cushion which put on the bottom cage mesh can protect the baby chicken feet and make them more comfortable till the broiler harvest;
● The Drinking System can be automatic nipple drinking line and manual feeders and drinkers for first two weeks while the pullet are too small to get water nipple drinkers;the nipple drinkers are stainless steel ones with round or square pipes,it can be fitted with water cups under the nipple;the pipes can be adjusted in higher level as the pullet growing bigger and bigger day by day because the grid meshes has empty design in the middle place to adjust the pipes higher.
● the feed troughs has adjust board to get different height during different period.the adjust board is fitted with cages above the trough inside part,it can be PVC or steel ones
● the 1--2 tier of cages can be fitted with manure curtain on the back of the cage meshes in case of the dropping manure from upper tiers.


Cage Standard Dimension:


cell nos


density/ bird(cm2)

density/ bird(sq.in.)

bird nos/3tier

bird nos/3tiers

rearing period








Day 1-45








Day 1-55