A-type Broiler Cage System

A-type Broiler Cage System
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Product name

A-type broiler cage system

Features and usage

The multi-tier broiler cage system makes the broiler farm turns to factory, and large scale.

It is have higher raising density compare with broiler floor raising system, which is raise more broiler with the same size of land, also, it is good for center cleaning and disinfection for chicken farm.

The house with automatic environmental control system which takes good wind circulation for whole house.

Each tier of broiler cage with manual cleaning belt, which broiler will not touch manual, and cleaning timely which reduce the Ammonia and hydrogen sulfide gas in house, and reducing the sickness for chicken.

Cage and cage frame all made of hot dip galvanized tell, which is durable in life. Each cage length is 1500mm, height is 500mm, width have multi size optional, such as 1350mm, 1420mm, 620mm, 1820mm.

The farm of cage is made of galvanized panel and forming the specified shape, cage is welding first and then get hot dip galvanized which insure the long life time. C shape vertical pillar is made of hot galvanized panel, which is easy for cleaning.

Each cage with one feeding line which have one feeding pan, and two drinking lines which is with 4 or 6 nipple drinkers. The reasonable feeding and drinking device distribution ensure broiler have enough feed and water. The height of feeding and drinking lines can be adjusted according to the size of chicken.

The design and material of bottom wire mesh is very important for broiler quality, which is strong, flexible, hygiene reduce the hematoncus coccidiosis of broiler breast,coccidiosis, and death. Our bottom cage mesh with three galvanized pipe to raise the hardness. The wire mesh with the reasonable square whole to make sure the manure drop off to belt.

The bottom mesh is easy drawer out, which is easy for cleaning and dischagrging broiler.

There are two way of feeding, one is auger system, the other is bridge crane system.