A Frame Breeder Cage System

A Frame Breeder Cage System
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Product Details

Product name

A Frame Breeder Cage System

Product features

Layer cage is rearing egg laying chicken, after pullet growing up to 12 weeks or 16 weeks transport them to layer cage.

Its biggest advantage is increasing egg production to 98%, very easy to handle chicken waste and reduce disease transmission.

Egg-Collection System

Automatic egg collection system has advanced technology, reasonable structure. It adopts European technology egg collection method to move every line eggs to the front of the shed, every tier eggs into the egg collection area, and then transport the egg to egg-collection room pick up.

Cage Mesh System

We adopt the low carbon steel Q235 cold drawn steel wire welding before hot-dip zinc, have corrosion resistance, long service life.

Feeding System

Drink System

Product advantages

1. Raw material selection
Carbon content decides the metal wire hardness. Our metal wire for cage ordered from China big steel factory, high hardness and high elastic deformation, make the cage mesh no deformation, cage lifespan improves 3 years at least than common factory.
2. Up to 20 years using
Quality hot deep galvanized cage mesh will ensure your cage that it remains protected from corrosion and rust for 10 years at least.
3. Cage mesh design
Big sliding door design is easy to pick chicken. The density of bottom cage mesh can prevent feather and anus pecking and prevent layer chicken fatigue syndrome.
4. save the land area
This product saves 50% of the land than Cage-free type breeding. This cages have a  good ventilation and lighting, efficiently prevent disease infection, improve the survival rate and egg collection of chicken.