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Why Should The Broiler Cage Keep Changing

Jun 28, 2017

  Why should the broiler cage keep changing

  Broiler cage need to master a lot of technology, such as broiler cage position need to constantly change, which is why? How to replace the location? Here for everyone to do professional introduction. In exchange for the principle of transposition, every 15 days to 20 days to change the cage to a new location, exchange, the direction of the cage and the original consistent.

  Regular rotation of the cage position can make the cages often keep dry, clean, the bottom of the cage is not wet and dirty, reduce the invasion of pests and diseases, especially for the prevention of coccidiosis, scabies have a good effect. Often change the location of the cage, can make the rabbit to adapt to different "microclimate", enhance the ability of chicken to adapt to external conditions, can make the chicken healthy and strong, disease resistance increased, the incidence decreased. Seasonal replacement of chicken cage position, can give the flock to create a good external environment, the growth and development of chickens is extremely beneficial. After each rotation of the cage position, it is necessary to carefully remove the site of the feces and dirt, it is best to use straw, wheat straw lit disinfection.

  Regular rotation of broiler cage can keep a good environment for the chicken, is conducive to improving the growth efficiency, but the time and methods need to master well!