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Which Kind Of Broiler Cage Is More Sought-after

Jul 11, 2017

  Which kind of Broiler cage is more sought-after

  Broiler cage than the traditional flat with a great advantage, then the broiler cage what material is more sought-after? The following together to see it.

  1, broiler cage complete sets of equipment using high-quality steel, galvanized process, corrosion and durable, the service life of up to 15 years.

  2, feeding density, saving land.

  3, automatic fecal reduction of chicken cross-infection probability, epidemic effect is good, the survival rate increased.

  4, automatic feeding, equipped with automatic feeding, Broiler cage drinking water system, wet curtain cooling system and automatic cleaning machine, reducing the cost of artificial breeding.

  5, the use of cage broiler survival rate from the original 90% to 98%, feed conversion rate was significantly improved, the meat ratio decreased by 0.20, each chicken to raise the cost of 0.7 yuan, Broiler cage the slaughter rate increased by 0.15% To achieve a healthy farming, environmental protection, scientific and cultural farming of the new model.