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Three Kinds Of Light Methods For Broiler Cage Chickens

Oct 24, 2017

Three kinds of light methods for broiler cage chickens

Broiler cage chickens need to give the appropriate light of the flock, what time is suitable for light, how to control the light before the control? Light method and time is divided into continuous, intermittent and mixed light several methods.

Continuous light: the current feeding broiler most of the implementation of 24 hours a day continuous light, or the implementation of 23 hours of continuous light, 1 hour dark. The purpose of the dark l hour is to prevent the power outage, so that the meat can be adapted to the sun and habit of dark environment, not because of power outage caused by crowded suffocation. There are windows shed, you can day by day with the natural light of the sun, the implementation of artificial light at night.

Intermittent light: refers to the light and dark alternately, that is, the implementation of the day 1 hour light, 3 hours dark or 1 hour light, 2 hours dark alternately. A large number of experimental studies have shown that the effect of intermittent illumination is better than continuous illumination. But the use of intermittent light, the flock must have enough food and drinking water to ensure that meat broiler enough to eat and drink time.

Mixed light: continuous light and intermittent lighting mixed applications, such as daytime to rely on natural light continuous light, nighttime intermittent lighting. Should pay attention to the day when the light is too strong need to block the doors and windows, as far as possible to make the light inside the darker.

Broiler breeding on the broiler cage requirements are very strict, then the actual breeding, broiler cage should meet what requirements? Weifang broiler cage manufacturers for you to do a detailed introduction.

1, in the brooding period, breeding broiler cage, generally require it as "pear-shaped", so that we designed to adjust the middle of the baffle to meet the feeding needs of the whole broiler.

2, to timely improve the cage cage culture and materials, so that the incidence of broiler breast cysts less than about 7.5%, more conducive to the growth and development of broilers.

3, with the cage breeding broiler, the requirements of the chicken coop is no window, closed. In general, the need to install the exhaust fan to discharge the air inside the chicken coop, while the fresh air outside the chicken coop will need to enter through the air intake. And the farm are generally used artificial lighting. In the high temperature of the summer, the need to install the wet curtain in the shed for cooling measures, and in the cold winter, the chicken coop generally need to be manually heated, the temperature inside the chicken coop control in the most suitable broiler growth and development range.

In addition, if there is the idea of expanding the scale, you can use three overlapping broiler cage to scale large-scale broiler broiler.