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The Two Standards For The Construction Of Broiler Cages

Jul 24, 2017

  The two standards for the construction of broiler cages

  With the development of modern industrial chain, scientific farming process has become an irresistible historical trend, people picked up scientific weapons, broiler cage in the daily production and life practice, for their own to create more wealth and experience The So when the construction of the cage, the designer should pay attention to what the details of the problem? Here we simply to introduce.

  The first is the material problem, in the past we built the main material of the cage is bamboo, the use of relatively small bamboo woven into a small cages, but with the gradual promotion of large-scale farming, bamboo cages are no longer meet Need, broiler cage and then the emergence of iron cages, iron chicken cage is mainly used in the wire mesh or wire woven into the cage, this cage is not only strong, and the effect of light, not only can promote the growth of broilers But also can effectively protect the broiler from damage, is currently more commonly used in a broiler cage construction materials.

  In addition to the construction of the cages for the light when the supplement is also very important, broiler cage because in order to make the chicken can grow fast, should be added to the chicken good lighting, only in the case of light enough to make the chicken to grow well, so lighting Problem must pay attention to control the size of the cage. Or control the distance between each row of each row of cages are to increase the cages of the specific way of lighting, only pay attention to some of the above situation, broiler cage to ensure that the chicken cage to get the best application, so that chickens can Better growth.