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The Main Advantages Of Broiler Cage Are

Jun 14, 2017

  The main advantages of broiler cage are:

  1, a high degree of automation: automatic feeding, drinking water, clear dung, wet curtain cooling, centralized management,broiler cage automatic control, energy conservation, improve labor productivity, reduce the cost of artificial breeding, farmers greatly improve the efficiency of farming.

  2, chicken epidemic prevention is good, effective prevention of infectious diseases: chicken does not contact feces, can make the chicken more healthy growth, to the chicken to provide a clean and comfortable growth environment,broiler cage the meat time greatly ahead of time.

  3, save the site, improve the stocking density: cage density than the flat density of more than 3 times higher.

  4, save the breeding feed: cage chicken can save a lot of breeding feed, chickens kept in the cage, the amount of exercise reduced, less energy consumption,broiler cage waste material reduction. Data show that cage can effectively save more than 25% of farming costs.

  5, durable: cage broiler complete sets of equipment using hot dip zinc technology, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, the service life can be as long as 15 to 20 years.