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The Four Points Of The Purchase Of Broiler Cage

Oct 30, 2017

Farmers in the purchase of broiler cage, should pay attention to the following four points:

First, the broiler cage iron bar spacing, broiler cage this indicator is very important, the most reasonable spacing is 2.5cm * 5cm, and some farmers may think that the size of the broiler can be larger to increase the spacing, This idea is wrong. Conditional farmers can also lay a plastic net at the bottom of the broiler cage, which not only can cushion the eggs to touch the network to reduce the rate of egg breaking, but also to prevent some diseases.

Second, the bottom of the broiler cage out of the design point of view, the chicken cage out of the egg to be accurate, a small angle can not get out of the eggs in time, the chicken trampled bad, big angle may lead to eggs broken, the general angle to keep seven Octave.

Third, pay attention to broiler cage and chicken cage at the end of the connection, here must remind you to have farmers, where you can not leave a lot of gaps, because here the floor of the egg more, you buy a broiler cage when Pay attention to this detail.

Fourth, the material selection of broiler cage. Cage production of materials is very particular about the choice, to choose the right toughness of the material, the bottom of the basket diameter of about 2 mm broken egg rate is the smallest, the greater the diameter of the wire is more likely to cause broken eggs.

Broiler in the feeding to have a special cages, he asked for a higher cages, because the meat breeder and physical weight larger, should use a special broiler cage. The use of broiler cage broiler, in order to prevent the growth of broilers are limited, Xiao Bian made the following suggestions:

(A) broiler cage feeding must be a good time to master, feeding evenly, only skilled and strong sense of the workers to complete the work well. Before each feeding, the first calculation of a single cage cage two chicken the required amount of material, with dustpan repeated charge to practice, feeding should be two times the material, the chickens fed the best time to stay more than expected , And then according to the situation to focus on the feed, so as to ensure that the material before each chicken are equally reasonable. Otherwise it will seriously affect the flock evenness or egg production rate. Therefore, the feeding manager should fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the workers, training a group of strong sense of strong and skilled workers to ensure that the normal production performance.

(B) of the broiler cage due to the density, is not conducive to observation of the situation within the flock, especially in the brooding period is more obvious, so carefully carefully around the cage to observe, to prevent abnormal flock can not be found and processed. When the chicks just transferred into the cage, due to just change the new environment, the flocks will appear for a short time uneasy, for the chicken out of the cage in time to catch the cage, to carefully check whether the wounded chickens and all chickens timely Drink water.

In addition, in the daily management, we should carefully observe the flock every time, the chickens feeding, drinking water, feces, mental state, etc. to be aware of, timely prevention of disease, strengthen management, reduce economic losses The