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The Eight Characteristics Of Broiler Cage

Oct 12, 2017

The eight characteristics of broiler cage

The broiler cage has become the most suitable breeding method in the chicken industry. The use of broiler cage can save manpower and the area of chicken coop, and improve the meat rate of broiler. Broiler cage features are:

1, laminated chicken cage full use of hot galvanizing process, corrosion resistance, service life of up to 20 years.

2, Q235 material, flexible, not easy to bend.

3, high-density breeding land for conservation, than the ladder to save about 70% of land.

4, centralized management, energy conservation and resources, the use of advanced ventilation systems, lighting systems and automated control system, fully saving energy and improve labor productivity.

5, save space, so that feeding density increased to 60 / square meters or more.

6, the unique cage door design, effectively prevent the chicken when eating head up and down the waste of waste.

7, the use of conveyor belt fecal, so that chicken manure into granular, reduce environmental pollution, chicken manure re-use rate is high.

8, eco-friendly, green chicken, green eggs, the best food equipment.

How to adjust the ventilation of broiler cage equipment

Broiler cage equipment ventilation, can be effectively within the space with the outside of a exchange, the air will be diluted in some of the smell, so as to avoid the phenomenon of disease within the homes. So, how can the user effectively adjust the ventilation of the broiler cage?

First, the fan can be equipped with speed controller, according to customer needs, we broiler cage equipment to adjust the fan speed to achieve 5% a loo% of the broiler cage equipment ventilation adjustment.

In addition, the fan with a level of speed adjustment agencies, broom cage can also achieve the level of ventilation control equipment.

In addition, broiler cage equipment ventilation system can be broiler cage equipment ventilation volume size (speed or non-speed motor) were graded grouping, reasonable match to meet the different circumstances (spring and summer autumn and winter season) under the broiler cage Equipment ventilation speed, broiler cage equipment ventilation, air flow and other indicators of the different requirements, to achieve a reasonable broiler cage ventilation equipment ventilation.