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The Difference Between Broiler Cage And Traditional Broiler

Oct 12, 2017

The difference between broiler cage and traditional broiler

Flattening means that the chicken is active on a plane. Flat can also be divided into floor to fallback, online maintenance and mixed ground raising.

Cage is to keep the chickens in a cage made of wire. According to the chicken, sex and age design of different types of cages, a chicken cage, breeding cages, egg cage, cages and cocks and so on.

Traditional broiler breeding methods are less investment, simple equipment shed or plant-style flat. Although the cost of chickens is low, the equipment is simple but the range of activities makes the broiler is not easy for farmers to manage well. Coupled with the feces in the chicken house is not timely cleaning, serious pollution can easily lead to chicken broiler chickens outbreak.

Broiler cage, the broiler according to a reasonable number of only into the cage, and chicken manure through the cage into the cage below the broiler production process from pollution, reducing the incidence of the disease. Broiler cage chickens activities range is small, chicken body energy consumption is low, feeding density, easy to meat farmers management.

At the same time, although the broiler cage into a large one-time investment, but the depreciation of equipment and the cost of flattened chicken pad almost or even less than the cost of chicken. Although the broiler cage under the hard side of the chest will cause chest cysts, leg disease occurred, but in the bottom of the cloud at the end of a layer of soft plastic network to solve the problem. In summary, the broiler cage with the traditional way to maintain the obvious advantages.