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The Determinants Of The Price Of Broiler Cages Are Detailed

Jul 24, 2017

  The determinants of the price of broiler cages are detailed

  Now with the broiler cage is widely recognized, broiler cage sales climax, broiler cage manufacturers in the price quality is also different, broiler cage then how to maintain the price and quality of farmers between a balance? Understand the factors that determine the price of broiler cages.

  1, market factors. The market is a huge factor in the market price of chicken in the market, due to changes in poultry prices, the production of material prices and workers wages rise, will be a direct impact on the price of broiler cage, in general, when the various prices, Broiler cage prices will decline, and vice rise;

  2, the choice of materials. This is a more specific aspect, in different manufacturers, in the cage production, the choice of materials are not the same. broiler cage Under normal circumstances, according to the use of broiler cage, comfort, ease of operation at different prices are also very different.

  Broiler cage generally high comfort, long life, material pure chicken cage in the price to be more expensive, but in the course of use, broiler cage we will reduce a lot of work for us to improve work efficiency.