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The Advantages Of Overlapping Broiler Cage Are Better Than That Of Broiler Cage

Jul 11, 2017

  The advantages of overlapping broiler cage are better than that of broiler cage

  The overlapped broiler cage is mainly made of galvanized cold drawn steel spot welded, the overall structure is taken by semi-overlapping ladder, anti-aging, corrosion-resistant, chicken cage were fixed on both sides of the I-shaped angle steel frame. Cages before the net fixed, the former online activities can be adjusted around the network, the top of the net to open a cage door, above a trough plus high plate, you can adjust up and down.

  1, rugged: overlapping broiler cage using hot dip zinc process, the service life of up to fifteen to twenty years.

  2, chickens epidemic prevention work is good, greatly reducing the intestinal disease, the effective prevention of the disease infection. Chicken does not come into contact with the waste generated, can make the chicken more healthy growth, to the chicken to provide a clean and comfortable growth environment, greatly ahead of the slaughter time.

  3, a high degree of automation: automatic feeding water pollution damp wet curtain cooling, centralized management of automatic control to save energy consumption, improve labor productivity, reduce the cost of artificial breeding, greatly improving the efficiency of farmers farming.