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Quality Of Broiler Cage Is A Key Factor In Economic Efficiency

Jun 14, 2017

  Quality of broiler cage is a key factor in economic efficiency

  China's broiler cage manufacturers more, but only a very small number of manufacturers can make the cages to do smooth, bright, most of the production technology, but the surface rough, thorn, it is difficult to make chicks healthy growth, eggs The safety rate is greatly reduced.

  Broiler cage is divided into broods, breeding cages, chicken cages, kinds of cages and other species, the size of the cage around the same, the use of the same way, the use of chicken chickens can reduce the amount of chicken exercise, reduce the energy consumption of chickens, Easy to feed management, epidemic prevention, disinfection. Reasonable use of chicken cage chickens can reduce breeder labor intensity, reduce feeding costs, improve the economic benefits of chicken.

  The use of broiler cage, first reduced the incidence of the disease. Broiler is not in contact with the feces, is conducive to the control of coccidiosis and intestinal diseases, and chicken feces leaked under the cage, can be cleaned up in time to reduce the harmful gas content, while the use of fan ventilation, reduce the chance of disease; , Because the chicken in the cage to leave the ground feeding, is conducive to air circulation, for the broiler to provide the appropriate environmental conditions. Followed by reduced epidemic prevention costs, reducing their own physical consumption of broilers. Broiler cage restricts broiler activity, reduces energy consumption, achieves the same weight shortens the production cycle, and reduces feed consumption. Greatly increased the number of broiler slaughter per unit volume.