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Quality Broiler Cage Six Health Requirements

Oct 24, 2017

Quality broiler cage six health requirements

Broiler cages are the main venues for the feeding, drinking, mating, laying and nighting habitat of flocks, and in order to reduce or avoid adverse weather factors such as cold, heat, wind, snow, rain and dew. Therefore, to create a good environment for chickens, it is necessary to build a chicken coop that meets hygiene requirements and is conducive to the health and production of flocks.

A good performance broiler cage needs to meet the following requirements:

(1) heat and heat better performance: the chicken is small, but its metabolism is strong, the body temperature is also higher than the average family business, such as chicken house summer heat performance is not good, hot summer when the temperature is too high, chicken body heat dissipation difficult The Disrupting the normal metabolism of chicken body, so that the level of production decreased.

(2) well ventilated: the chicken coop to maintain proper ventilation and air flow rate, which will help control the temperature, conducive to chicken body heat; exclusion of chicken body exhaled and excretion of water. To maintain a fresh air, the temperature of the environment without a thief wind.

(3) to prevent excessive humidity: broiler cage to keep dry, especially the surface of the ground and bedding to keep dry. Homes long-term damp, so that the chicken's resistance to disease weakened, feathers filthy, growth and development retardation, coccidia oocysts easy to develop, into the perennial living in the wet environment towel, resistance will gradually decrease.

(4) plenty of sunshine; this is mainly for open cages. Adequate sun exposure, especially in winter can make the chicken warm, dry and eliminate pathogenic microorganisms.

(5) the appropriate density: feeding density is directly related to the health of chickens, growth and development and production performance. . Density is too small equipment investment costs increase 'rearing density over the General Assembly to reduce weight gain, even worse than the death rate. Therefore, the use area of the house must be consistent with the capacity of the appropriate density.

(6) to facilitate disinfection and epidemic prevention: In order to improve the disinfection effect of the wall to be smooth, there must be cement floor and wall skirt. Chicken containing V-1 should be equipped with disinfection tank. The use of mechanical scraping manure in the transverse manure should be placed outside the chicken. The road leading to the house is divided into the material and the feces. Window windows are best to install barbed wire to prevent damage.