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How To Save Manpower And Resources In Broiler Cages

Jul 24, 2017

  How to save manpower and resources in broiler cages

  Talking about Broiler We basically eat every month, but do you know what the benefits are for chicken cages? Today we will give you a specific introduction. Because modern breeders are adopted to take the initiative to raise chicken equipment, not only planning the public, and save human and material resources, the chicken cage for example, broiler cage the advantages shown in the following:

  1, broiler chicken cage active degree of High: active feeding, drinking water, clear dung, wet curtain cooling, gathering governance, active grasp, save energy consumption, reduce the cost of artificial feeding, big fierce progress of raising the feeding power.

  2, the chicken group is good, useful to prevent epidemic disease: chickens do not touch feces, can make chicken more robust development, to provide a clean and warm development of chickens, slaughter time greatly delayed.

  3, the thrifty place, enhances the feeding density: The cage density than raises the density to be higher than 3 times times.

  4, Frugal feeding feed: broiler cage can be a small amount of frugal feeding feed, chicken feeding in the cage, activity reduction, broiler cage less energy consumption, waste material reduction. Data indicate that cage can be useful to save more than 25% of the feeding cost.

  5, solid with: broiler cage complete sets of equipment using hot dip zinc technology, corrosion resistance, resistance to degradation, the use of the length of 15-20 years.

  6, Save time: broiler cage Easy to raise the user to control livestock and poultry, save more time to dispose of the rest of the work.