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How To Determine Whether The Ambient Temperature Within The Broiler Cage Is Appropriate

Oct 12, 2017

How to determine whether the ambient temperature within the broiler cage is appropriate

Farm area management personnel to determine whether the appropriate temperature inside the broiler cage, according to the chickens feeding, drinking water, tweet, mental state and other aspects of normal to understand the comfort of flocks. Even to observe, assessment of broiler cage equipment, feel the smell of broiler cage equipment, the temperature is appropriate and so on.

In order to ensure that the temperature inside the broiler cage is appropriate, our company put forward the following effective programs:

First, to ensure that the temperature of the chicken coop to achieve control and keep the chicken cage before and after the temperature difference of less than 3 ℃, while the broiler cage negative pressure control in the normal range, automatic day and night temperature control operation, to achieve a relatively stable temperature, To prevent the occurrence of the disease, give full play to the production potential of chickens.

Second, at night as far as possible for the chicken cooling, so that the accumulation of excessive amount of calories in the daytime, night to be lost, improve daytime production performance, by setting the temperature controller to ensure the fan continues to run. Enhance the duty of duty on duty at night, do a good job inside the temperature record. (Note that in the early summer and early autumn day and night temperature difference is large, the night temperature should pay attention to the size of the water curtain at the inlet, if necessary, open the mixed ventilation mode and the minimum ventilation ventilation mode.

Third, the customer can according to their own conditions to develop their own ventilation cooling program, broiler cage in the summer to maintain a normally open fan, according to the appropriate increase in the number of fans to open the fan, if the fan to open 3 and found that when the chicken mouth, Curtains, you can consider to the ground, the walls of water, a wet curtain to open the wet curtain, pay attention to the temperature do not drop too fast.