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Broiler Cage Equipment Cleaning Manure Application Points Introduction

Jun 28, 2017

  Broiler cage equipment cleaning manure application points introduction

  Broiler cage equipment on the clear manure can be divided into two types of goods, one is the vertical fecal, one is the horizontal fecal, so we have to look at the application of time to distinguish.

  1, the application of vertical feces machine: once a day clear manure, there are extraordinary circumstances can be extended to two days, but do not often so, because the fecal and transmission motor can not be long-term work in high-load form.

  2, horizontal clear fecal application: certainly must first start the horizontal fecal machine, and then start the vertical fecal machine; sure to first close the vertical fecal, and then closed horizontal fecal machine.

  Only the application of the correct way, we can reduce the rate of broiler cage equipment, extending its application.

  The broiler cage makes it possible for broilers to be raised vertically

  Broiler cage raising to achieve three-dimensional broiler farming, intensive, but also greatly improve the production efficiency of broiler farming, which also reduces the economic costs, broiler cage is the key to choose a desirable chicken cage, today for everyone to introduce About the knowledge of broiler cages.

  Material: high quality ordinary carbon steel wire, stainless steel wire, galvanized iron wire, tensile strength of 490MPa, elongation of 23%

  Process: the first after the plating or plating after the series, the use of automatic welding equipment, welding and welding depth of the same, mesh smooth, uniform, net encryption, to prevent the chicken foot injury.

  Surface treatment: galvanized, hot galvanized, spray, dipping, painting; there are a variety of different colors for customers to choose, beautiful and applicable.