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Broiler Cage Chicken Management Points

Jun 28, 2017

  Broiler cage chicken management points

  Broiler cage is not just the use of broiler cage on all things, and more critical is to grasp the management of broiler cage points.

  1, to grasp the uniformity of broiler cage. Chickens hatching chicks of different age breeds are managed separately to reduce competition between them. From the first day of brooding chickens began to work evenly, will lay a good foundation for the future good uniformity. Often picking chickens, in six to nine days when the chicks can be divided into three groups, out of the weak chicken. Twenty eight days before the chickens in order to get a good skeleton development.

  2, to do a good job of broiler cage light adjustment work. The first three days of broiler cage light time for twenty-three or twenty-four hours, starting from the fourth day of two hours a day, to the seventh day can be reduced to eighteen hours. If the weight of the chicks is light, it is necessary to prolong the light time.

  3, pay attention to training new workers. Broiler cage training process to the workers, not only to explain in detail the concerns of the brooding period, but also let the workers understand the importance of brooding, learn the relevant technology. Church workers claim that the calculation of material, weighing, weighing, calculating uniformity, feeding, feeding, viewing temperature and humidity and ventilation and other specific operations, so that workers recognize the importance of feeding, feeding uniform and Temperature, humidity, and ventilation.

  4, try to take measures to avoid heat stress. Chicks, even with short heat stress, have a significant effect on weight gain, so the summer brooding and immunization should be more careful. The number of chickens should be put before the chicks arrive.