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Broiler Cage Chicken Farm Construction Three Major Notes

Oct 30, 2017

Broiler cage we are no longer strange, the first broiler cage to build a scientific and rational chicken farms, then need to pay attention to what issues? How to build a perfect chicken farm? The following broiler cage manufacturers for your professional guidance.

1, heating equipment. As long as the purpose of heating and heating, electric heating, plumbing warm, coal stove and even kang, kang and other heating methods can be used, but pay attention to the furnace heating more dirty, and prone to gas poisoning, must be added chimney. Housing design attention to consider insulation.

2, feeding equipment. Broiler cage The main use of the trough, cage chickens are long with the slot, flat brooding can also use this feeding method can also be used bucket for the material. The shape of the trough has a great impact on the feeding of chicken feed, the trough is too shallow, no protection will cause more waste. It is important that a cage with broods can be screened, but also can be used three-dimensional multi-layer brooder; breeding chicken in addition to flat on-line feeding, the use of overlapping or ladder-type cage, farmers take 60-70 days of age directly Laying hens are basically cage, the current domestic production of a large number of manufacturers of cages, according to the situation to buy. Chicken cage area must be guaranteed. And then clear the dung equipment in general chicken farms using artificial regular fecal, Broiler cage large-scale chicken farms can be used mechanical clear manure.

3, ventilation equipment. Closed chicken coops must be mechanically ventilated, according to the flow direction of the air flow can be divided into two kinds of horizontal ventilation and vertical ventilation. Horizontal ventilation, Broiler cage refers to the direction of the air flow and the long axis of the chicken house vertical, vertical ventilation, refers to a large number of fans concentrated in one place, so that the air flow inside the building and the long axis parallel ventilation.