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Broiler Cage Breeding 8 Feed Requirements

Oct 24, 2017

Broiler cage breeding 8 feed requirements

Feed is one of the most important aspects of aquaculture, good feed can make livestock and poultry grow faster, edible taste more delicious. The use of broiler cage culture should pay attention to the use of feed, the following for everyone to introduce the eight requirements of broiler cage culture.

1. The correct addition of a wide range of feed additives, the role of different, according to the actual needs to add, must not be blindly added, egg cage manufacturers that any kind of additive use depends on the use of methods and the correct feeding and management.

2. Accurately calculate and add the child to add the amount of yellow feed additives used in strict accordance with the instructions for accurate calculation of weighing, and some additives effective dose and the difference between the dose is small, the amount of too little effect is poor, too much Increase the cost or even cause poisoning.

3. Must pay attention to the role of various additives When mixed with a variety of additives, you must know whether there is synergistic or antagonistic effect between them, to avoid with the taboo, make full use of synergies to play the benefits of additives.

4. Products can not have residual antibiotics and other additives, the amount of minimal, but does not rule out the chicken or the product there will be residual, but most of the residual antibiotics, and more in the cold and cooking was destroyed. Therefore, to control the use of dose, laying period, as prohibited.

5. Additives must be mixed with the feed before they can be used. For the safe and effective use of additives, the additive must be thoroughly mixed with the dispersant before use, called premix. Can also produce premix, according to the provisions of the proportion of people with feed and then mixed.

6. Pre-mud with moth or mud or material used in the diffusion agent can not be too thick or too thick to make the slight mix of ingredients uneven, too easy to induration. Note that vitamins and minerals should not be premixed together, so that some vitamins are easily destroyed by minerals.

7. Note that the use of additives additives generally can only be mixed in the air feed feed, can not be mixed with wet and fermented feed, but can not be processed with the feed or boiled use.

8. In accordance with local conditions in the use of additives according to the relevant information to add. Broiler cage manufacturers tips, do not copy, copy the use of other people. Such as in some of the lack of selenium areas, the amount of selenium per gram of feed added. 1-0.2mg, but if not the lack of selenium in the feed to add the same amount will cause poisoning.