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Broiler Cage Active Feeding Machine 6 Big System

Jun 14, 2017

  Broiler cage active feeding machine 6 big system

  1, power distribution system: power distribution system is designed by the amateur electrical engineers, feeder to the first end of the outside, there are travel switch to take the initiative to walk, cutting, spraying the suspension of maintenance;

  2, walking system: walking system of the transmission system to adopt the chain, sprocket drive, walking wheel from the use of high-quality cast iron processing, and a good earthquake-resistant results, resistance to erosion, rails to adopt the third channel laying, so that walking bumps, add contact area , To avoid slipping, saving energy;

  3, walking energy system: walking energy system by the vertical motor with advanced cycloid wheel drive, to achieve the drive without loss, low prevalence, long life, and the operation of the bumps, small music, reduce the impact of music on the chicken , Progressive egg production rate;

  Variable speed motor to do energy, to fulfill 40-200r / min of arbitrary conditioning, high flexibility and strong bearing capacity, low noise, long operation, simple operation. , And force bumps; beautiful shape, small structure, etc.;

  5, the amount of material conditioning system: the next round is the use of public mold suppression of the nylon machine, to avoid foreign matter falling after the damage to other parts.Configuration unloading wheel can make the amount of material to abandon the divergence, to the next The purpose of averaging;

  6, promotion of the system: promotion of a piece of flat conveyor and Li Tie conveyor, Li Tie conveyor will feed from the high-altitude delivery to the flat conveyor, the flat conveyor will be the average deployment of feed to the feeder on the hopper, When the hopper of the feeder is fully filled, the trip switch senses the signal to disconnect the motor's control circuit and completes the work of feeding the feed.

  In addition, broiler cage active feeding machine can be installed on the disinfection sprayer, a water tank, water pump, nozzle number, can be sprayed side of the spray spray, summer can also spray cold water to the chicken.