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Autumn Broiler Cage Chicken Should Pay Attention To The Prevention And Treatment Of Chicken Blast

Aug 07, 2017

  Autumn broiler cage chicken should pay attention to the prevention and treatment of chicken blast

  Fall is broiler chicken chicken disease season, especially chicken blast. Chicken once suffering from chicken plague and other diseases, will quickly spread to the chickens caused great economic losses. Therefore, the chicken households (field) must take comprehensive prevention and control measures to strengthen the flock of chickens management, improve economic efficiency.

  Large broiler chickens should be based on the actual situation to develop effective immunization program. broiler cage General chickens for chicks at 7-10 days of age and 35-40 days of age can be used for immunization with nasal drops or aerosols at intervals of 2 months. Another immunization method is for 7- 10 - day - old and 35 - 40 - day - old chickens, Newcastle disease.

  Adhere to self-cultivation. Need to purchase chickens from the field, must go through the local veterinary department quarantine. broiler cage Newly purchased chickens to be isolated and kept, no vaccination of the vaccine should be timely vaccination, more than half a month before the mixed group feeding.

  Do not buy vaccines for private use. Private sale of the vaccine, mostly high quality or expired failure of the vaccine, after use not only reach the epidemic effect, but also easily lead to other chicken sick.

  Dead chickens should be concentrated or burned. broiler cage To prevent the spread of the epidemic spread to healthy flocks.

  Pay attention to disinfection of health. One of the attention to the venue of the disinfection of health; the second attention to the disinfection of feeding tools health; its three unrelated personnel shall not casually out of the farms, to prevent into the bacteria.

  The above content is only for the majority of farmers door reference to understand! If you encounter a disease problem in the broiler chickens in the fall, broiler cage be sure to consult your local veterinarian!